6 Ways To Safeguard Your RV On A Trip

RVs continue to be a popular camping option for most campers. About 40% of all campers use an RV, and that number is growing rapidly. According to the RV Industry Association, the number of RV shipments increased by about 8.9% in 2018.

RVs have also evolved to a point where they can serve as a temporary home. But although this is great news for the adventurous, it can be a major concern to the traveler’s list security.

Just like any vehicle or home, thieves often target recreational vehicles (RVs). However, there are many things that you can do to make your trip safe and stress-free. And here are six ways to do just that.

Install The Right Security System

Just like any IT security system, you can also get the right security system for your RV. Most RV owners have installed security systems that have motion detectors. If you’ve ever camped in the middle of nowhere or even park your RV in your own driveway, then you know it can get really dark.

A security system with a motion detector can keep you safer as you enjoy nature. It can detect objects such as animals, people, and cars, and responds by turning on lights. The lights will automatically shut off when the motion stops.

Although most security systems come with motion detectors included in the package, you can find options with the lights built-in your RV or even install the lights separately. If you prefer to install your own motion detectors, please put the lights 10 feet above the ground pointing the dark space. Consider installing the lights on corners, behind the camper, and at the door.

Install Timer Lights

If a security system sounds too complex or costly, opt for a timer that keeps the lights on when you’re away. Burglars usually prefer to move around unseen, and equipping your RV with outside lighting is one way to deter them.

If you plan to spend an evening away from your RV, you can install lights that have automatic timers. That way, the lights will always be on whenever it’s dark, creating an impression that some are inside. You can get lights that work on solar energy so you don’t have to worry about running out on a battery charge.

Get A Dog

Burglars usually avoid RVs that have dogs. Even if your dogs don’t bite, they can draw a lot of attention when they bark, and that acts as an alarm system.

And if you’re allergic to dogs, don’t worry. You can always put up a “beware of dog” sign outside your RV. No burglar will want to take the chance. Alternatively, you can buy a device that mimics a dog, which gets triggered whenever someone moves closer to your RV. Reputable sites, like, provide well-researched guides RV alarms.

Install Surveillance Camera

Surveillance camera offers another great form of security for your RV. You can install them outside your RV so that passerby’s know that your automobile is being monitored. Today, there are modern cameras that send you texts whenever someone moves too close.  

If your budget allows, you can even get cameras that offer a live security feature for protection. But if you’re on an extremely low budget, you can even use a fake camera. Most burglars are often unable to differentiate between a fake and a real camera, and they can’t afford to take that chance.

Change Factory Locks

RV owners often assume that they’re the only ones who can open doors when locked. But some burglars make master keys that can open certain RV models, giving them easy access into your vehicle without destroying doors or windows or even damaging your vehicle’s exterior.

In worst scenarios, you may not even tell someone broke into your RV until you notice something is missing. That explains why most people prefer changing their factory locks. Therefore, consider installing a keyless lock that requires a unique code to grant access.

Avoid Displaying Expensive Items

Most RVs get vandalized because the owners left valuable items in plain sight. It is very easy to leave items such as a laptop, phones, GPS devices, and shopping bags when in a hurry. Always keep in mind that burglars go for items that are easier to carry, and displaying your valuable items tempts them and gives them time to plan. So keep these items hidden away.

Most campers prefer RVs because they’re comfortable and can get you anywhere. But that flexibility can also take you to neighborhoods that are not very secure. It is important to have safety measures in place so that you can enjoy your trips. And these tips can help you do that.