5 Ways To Prepare For A Long Hike

Taking a long hike may seem like a daunting mission for beginners on the trail, but hiking can be a very therapeutic way to spend your time.  Exploring what nature has to offer gives you time to reconnect with the world and center yourself inside.  

If you’re unsure whether or not you’re properly prepared to go on a long hike, take a little time for some light research.  Here is a brief look at a few ways to prepare yourself to be safe on your next outdoor adventure.  

Find a trail that matches your fitness level

You don’t want to get yourself in too deep, so it’s wise to research some trails before you choose a route.  Make sure you’re picking a place to hike that your body can handle.  

Hiking up to high elevations will provide less oxygen in the air, so it’s not smart to choose that sort of route when you have asthma, for example.  You want your hike to be fun and relaxing, not a dangerous situation.  

Make sure you have the right equipment

Before you head out on your hike, it’s crucial that you take the time to pack the right gear for the journey.  You could benefit from some quality trekking poles for your hike, but keep your main focus on the things that will keep you alive.  

Make sure you have the means to make fire and store clean drinking water.  You’ll need a place to rest your head if you’re camping during your adventure, and you don’t want to forget about bringing enough food to keep your energy up.  

Check what the weather has in store

Once you’ve chosen your trail and packed your gear, take a good look at the weather in the area.  You probably don’t want to plan your journey during the rainy season or in the dead of winter.  Consider the elements while you plan, and don’t get stuck out in the cold.  

Let someone know about your hiking plans

Whenever you go out on a hike (especially if you’re planning to go solo), you need to let someone in on your plans.  Let someone know exactly where you’ll be and when you’re expected to return, so they can sound the alarm should something go awry.  

Follow trail safety guidelines 

The trail you choose to hike should be well established when you’re still trekking as a beginner.  Don’t travel too far off the beaten path, until you feel more confident in your ability to navigate the wild.  Follow the safety guidelines setup for the area you have chosen to explore.  The rules are there to keep everyone safe, including you.