5 Things You Should Look for in a New Electric Car

5 Things You Should Look for in a New Electric Car

Thinking about buying your first electric car? You will need to think about more than just how good it looks or how many miles you can get on a single charge (although that is admittedly a biggie). So, let’s take a look at some of the key considerations you should be making before you buy that new EV.

  1. Range

First up, let’s talk about the thing we mentioned above, range. Because nobody wants to play “How far can I go before I start crying?” on a regular basis. The range is the new MPG, folks. It’s all about how many miles you can cruise before your car gently reminds you that it’s time to plug in. Look for a car that fits your lifestyle like a glove. Daily commuter? Maybe you don’t need a gazillion-mile range. Road-tripper? Aim for the upper echelons of mileage freedom. Just remember, range anxiety is so last decade.

  1. Charging Options

Charging options are the next biggie. Your shiny new electric chariot will need juicing up, and you’ll want to know how, where, and how fast that can happen. Some cars are picky eaters with specific charging needs, while others are more the “I’ll eat anything” type. Check out the charging speed too, because waiting 12 hours for a full tank (battery, I mean) can feel a tad longer than waiting for your favorite streaming service to release the next season of that show you’re binging.

  1. Noise

Now, let’s whisper about whisper-quiet cabins. One of the unsung heroes of electric cars is their library-like interior noise levels. Test drive that baby and listen… to the sweet sound of almost nothing. It’s like having your own mobile meditation retreat, minus the incense. But don’t let the quiet fool you; make sure your car still alerts pedestrians of your presence, or you might be the stealthiest thing since ninja sneakers.

  1. Tech

Tech features should also be on your checklist when you head off to the edmunds showroom. In today’s world, a car without the latest tech is like a smartphone that can’t scroll: utterly bewildering. Look for user-friendly interfaces, smart connectivity, and enough gadgetry to make a tech store blush. From navigation systems that predict your range to apps that control your car from your phone, these features aren’t just cool; they’re about as essential as your morning coffee.

  1. Safety

Last up, let’s talk about safety. Electric cars come packed with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, plus some. With their low center of gravity (thanks, battery pack!), they’re like the gymnasts of the automotive world: stable and hard to flip. But also check for the usual suspects like airbags, crash test ratings, and driver assist features. Because wrapping yourself in a cocoon of safety is always in style.

Choosing a new electric car can be a bit of an overwhelming experience, and because they are not exactly cheap, this means you really need to slow down and take your time to get it right. Looking into the above points sill help you to get started with that. Happy driving!