5 Innovative Ways to Use Technology as Part of Wedding Decor

5 Innovative Ways to Use Technology as Part of Wedding Decor

When it comes to wedding décor, lovers awaiting to wed are always looking and exploring for an elegant, one-of-a-kind, and cutting-edge way to make their special day unforgettable. Several superbly exciting technological methods can be incorporated into your wedding day decor.


1. Interactive Dancing Floor with LEDs


The LED dance floor is a distinct and entertaining method to have technology in wedding décor. The LED dancing floors respond well to music and the guests’ emotions. A truly magnificent visual impact will ultimately improve the mood of the entertainment.


There are numerous options for interactive LEDs on the wedding floor, but one can choose an LED that will suit and match the wedding’s color and themes. The LED has various color schemes, like hues, stars, hearts, and floral motifs. These are just some of the most popular LED patterns.


2. Think of Digital Centerpieces


Digital centerpieces offer an excellent option for people looking to have a memorable wedding. These advanced centerpieces use projectors and screens to showcase amazing animations and images that can be designed to match wedding themes. Furthermore, the electronic centerpieces can be designed to suit the preferences and needs of the couple.


Consider showing pictures of waves and shells if your wedding is on a lovely coastline beach. The ability to personalize digital centerpieces to match the themes of the wedding is an absolute phenomenon that is unique to them. The visuals and animations can also be altered in the evenings as darkness spreads across the coastal line to create a lovely and exciting ambiance. The centerpieces are environment-friendly as they can be reused.


3. Augmented Reality Photo Booth


Couples can make their wedding day one of the most memorable days by upgrading it with an Augmented Reality (AR) photo. With it, guests and loved ones present can take pictures using digital props, filters, and backdrops. The AR photo booth will add an exciting and fun-loving aspect to the wedding and offer the guests lifelong memories.


Some commonly used virtual props include mustaches, hats, and sunglasses. An AR photo booth will be set up using a camera, screen, or projector. The guests and visitors will use touchscreens or motion sensors to make the day a joy-filled interaction with the virtual props.


4. Projection-Mapping


On a wedding occasion, the rousing cutting-edge technology called projection mapping can help project beautiful pictures onto walls and other surfaces. The projection mapping will produce an amazingly unique and immersion experience for the wedding couple and their guests.


Project projection mapping can turn any surface into a dynamically exciting canvas. The surfaces can therefore be used to show films, pictures, or even animations relevant to the wedding themes. For a nice projection mapping set-up, projectors and specialized software are required.


One can start by mapping the surface one wishes to project onto and then make a 3D representation of the material for display. Projection-Mapping may be large and unfamiliar new technology, but it is gaining popularity in many events.


5. Virtual-Reality Wedding Video


You may consider documenting your special day’s happenings in virtual reality. The people unable to attend your big day celebration will have an opportunity of experiencing the entertainment virtually through a virtual wedding video. Does that sound easy? Yes, and excellent at the same time!


This a compelling way to get your loved ones who are far to experience the mood and happiness your wedding offers. One needs an editing program and a 360-degree camera to make a virtual reality video. The camera captures every scene from every angle enabling viewers to see around and get the perfect experience. The video clips can be watched in virtual reality and posted on social media.