5 Effective Measures for Using Tech to Improve a Food Truck

5 Effective Measures for Using Tech to Improve a Food Truck

Society expects instant gratification, especially in fast food. The food truck business has joined the ranks of brick-and-mortar restaurants, and both depend on speed and customer satisfaction. A recent article stated that approximately 35,000 food trucks are operating in the United States.

The article also states that the current food truck industry is hauling in at least $1.2 billion annually and is expected to expand by about 3.4 percent in 2023. Have you always dreamed of running your food truck, or have you already started one? Here are some helpful ways to take advantage of the newest tech innovations in this thriving industry.

1. Apps and Websites

How can you get your food truck’s name on the map for potential customers? Check out some of the innovative free apps. Customers can register with these sites to find great food trucks operating in their area or any place in America. When you register as an owner, it makes your business visible to your regular customers as well as new ones.

2. Digital Menu Displays

Handwritten menu displays have been popular in coffee houses and diners. Some showcase beautiful art and are handy for changing menu items, sales, and prices. However, handwritten menu displays can appear sloppy and unprofessional unless you have impeccable penmanship and stellar art skills.

Instead, why not consider increasing your food truck profits by using a digital menu display? Not only can tech innovations pique customer interest, but you can update your menu in real-time. Digital menus can be tailored to your specific food offerings, and customers can instantly see any specials you are running for the day. companies like Mandoe Media offer plug-and-play options for digital menus that are easily customizable

3. Computerized POS System

In the past, handwritten orders and receipts were the standard in a restaurant. Even today, many food trucks with a smaller clientele use them. An old-style cash register is a tremendous help, but it doesn’t help you track your sales and inventory.

This is why many thriving food truck businesses have switched to a specialized POS system. It simplifies the process of customizing your menu and making any changes, and you needn’t be a tech wizard to operate one. Plus, a POS system streamlines food orders in the kitchen and keeps them in order.

Another benefit of having a specialized POS system is the mobility aspect. It allows you to quickly process credit cards, make orders, and track inventory on a mobile device. This system offers you the ease of touch screens, and it’s not difficult to learn.

4. Online Food Ordering

Welcome to the digital age, where customers can place their orders online via free apps. Instead of waiting in long queues during their lunch hour, customers can order and pre-pay for their meals online to save time. You’ll have their order ready, and there’s no waiting for them. Such convenience can give you a competitive edge.

5. Digital Health/Safety Reporting

Offering your customers tempting, delicious food depends on the freshness and quality of your ingredients. As with any food establishment, food safety and sanitary conditions are paramount in your food truck business. Using digital thermometers, scales, and other quality control programs will keep your food preparation safe and compliant with local health codes.

Are you ready to join the ranks of profitable food truck businesses nationwide? Using state-of-the-art technology like POS systems and other online tools you can afford can make a big difference. People will soon know your name, and you’ll have regular customers and a healthy profit in the coming year.