5 Amazing Benefits of Moving to Dubai

With a population of over 3.1 million, a booming economy, and rich culture, Dubai is known worldwide for being one of the top expatriate destinations.

If you’re looking to relocate somewhere that’s sure to be a major adventure, Dubai may be just the perfect place for you. Here are 5 undeniable benefits of moving to Dubai.

1. A Cultural Experience

At the center of Europe, Africa, and Asia, there’s no doubt moving to Dubai places you in a culturally diverse melting pot. You can find affordable flights to just about anywhere in the world from Dubai.

Experience the joy of easy international travel and exposure to new and exciting food, traditions, art and more.

2. Reasonably Priced Luxury 

World-renowned for its gigantic malls, indoor ski slopes, and fine dining, Dubai certainly attracts the rich and famous. It’s home to those who enjoy the finer things in life. 

Even still, you can enjoy luxuries of Dubai, without breaking the bank. Affordable designer clothing and international cuisine is available everywhere.

Apartments for rent in Dubai are also at the height of elegance and modern design. Depending on the size of the place you need, you don’t have to compromise on sophistication for price.

3. A Tax-Free Salary

The job opportunities in Dubai are wide and varied but perhaps one of the greatest perks about taking a job there is the tax-free salary. Compared to many other places in the world, this tax-free income means you’ll be left with a lot more money in your wallet. 

Not only this, but Dubai has no VAT to pay on food or other goods. 

If you’re really savvy with your money, you can hoard away tons in savings or use it to further enjoy the luxuries of this great city. 

4. Robust Economy

An international workforce keeps the economy in Dubai growing. Compared to the Euro and US dollar, the Emirati Durham is stable. 

Interestingly, the yearly 5% growth in GDP and the continual influx of international businesses and professionals contribute to a strong economy. 

Financially speaking, Dubai is a wise investment.

5. Temperate Weather Conditions

If you love warm temperatures, clear skies, and 342 days of sunshine a year, Dubai is your city. Outdoor activities are rarely inhibited by cold or bad weather. 

Even when things do heat up in the summer months, the endless array of indoor attractions and adventures will keep you entertained.

Not to mention, with its central location and easy access to international flights, you could use some of your non-taxable income to fly somewhere exotic when things heat up, say the Maldives maybe?

Moving to Dubai: A No-Brainer

The financial, personal, and career benefits of moving to Dubai are undeniable. If you’re seriously considering moving to Dubai, this short list of benefits is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The perks of relocating to this stunning and vibrant city are appealing to ex-pats from all over the world.

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