4 Things to Consider When Creating Promotional Gear for Your Business

Promotional gear, giveaway items and swag can play an important role in any marketing campaign. While quality gear can help to establish a business’s brand or make a positive impact on clientele, cheap gear may actually have the opposite effect. Selecting the best gear, making sure that promotional items stay on message and choosing items that are more likely to resonate with customers and clients are all important considerations.


  1. Avoiding Cheap Products


Just because promotional gear will be given away does not mean that businesses can make due with cheap products or poor quality items. Gear that is ugly, poorly designed or constructed using second-rate materials is unlikely to make a positive impact on its intended audience. Shoddy promotional gear can also do lasting harm to a business’s brand and professional image. From pens, stationary and stickers to branded clothing, electing to invest in higher quality promotional goods and swag can go a long towards ensuring market efforts, promotional events and giveaways are met with greater success. Avoiding cheaply made products and second-rate items is never a consideration that should be ignored.


  1. Choosing a Focused Message


While the marketing space provided by a promotional item is often limited, the right message can still make a real impact. Items that will see frequent use or garments that may be worn for an extended period of time can both provide businesses with the opportunity to ensure their clientele will be more likely to form a positive impression of the company and it’s marketing content. A focused message serves to enhance the impact that branded promotional gear is able to make. From a slogan, motto or mission statement to details about a specific product launch or service option, a concise and clearly stated message can make a world of difference.


  1. Understanding Your Customers


While possessing a more comprehensive understanding of customers and clients can be of benefit to almost all aspects of an advertising campaign, it can be especially useful for choosing the right promotional gear. Offering freebies, giveaway items and other gear that customers are more likely to need and use is a consideration of paramount importance. Gear that is able to fill a specific need and items that will be legitimately useful are far more likely to make a lasting impression.


  1. Making an Impact


Even a quality item or well-made garment may still fail to make an impact, especially if it ends up sitting forgotten in a closet or drawer. Items that convey an immediate sense of value and those that are able to generate actual excitement when given away are far more likely to establish a positive first impressions and to resonate with customers in the days ahead. Promotional events, expos and other conferences can provide the perfect opportunity for giveaway items and promotional gear to make a bigger impact. Giving away attractive shirts, hats and other garments as well as quality stationary items, novelty gear and other swag can help to generate more interest in a company and help to ensure that prospective clients and future customers are more likely to from a positive initial impression.


Giveaway items, freebies and promotional gear can be a very powerful marketing tool. Considerations like investing in the best quality swag and choosing items that customers are more like to value can help to ensure that promotional gear will be able to make a bigger impact.