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LincolnLabs Conference 2014: Reboot

Rebooting Congress, Causes and Campaigns

Register July 18-20, 2014 W Hotel San Francisco, CA.

Does your campaign, non-profit or advocacy organization need a competitive edge? We can help. From Reboot 2014, you will leave with invaluable knowledge and connections. This year we are featuring our premier conservatarian Hackathon; demos from topline technology companies in StartUp Alley, and networking with top tech talent and politicos.

Reboot is the first conference of its kind to create a community of like-minded individuals determined to bring the cutting edge to campaigns and causes that promote liberty.

The goal of Lincoln Labs is simple: create a bridge between technology and efforts to advance liberty. After building communities all around the nation, Reboot 2014 will bring together technical talent and policy advocates to turn ideas into deliverables for liberty.

Keynote Speakers

Panel: Where has our freedom gone?

Panel: Campaigns, Causes, & Congress

Panel: America’s Technocrats: Conservatarians in Tech

Panel: The State of Tech in Politics

Panel: Stifling Startups

Panel: Is Big Data Ethical?

Panel: Building a Bridge Between Tech and Policy

Panel: California, Dazed & Confused


  • Who

    Libertarian or Conservative Non-Profit Leaders, Campaign Consultants, Digital Strategist and Doers.

  • What

    Lincoln Labs Conference 2014: Reboot

  • When

    July 18-20th

  • Where

    W Hotel, 181 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103

JULY 18th
4:00pm Registration, W Lobby
6:00pm Welcome Reception, 4th Floor
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Keynote Remarks
8:00pm Keynote Panel
9:00pm GenOpp After Party, 2nd Floor
JULY 19th
9:30am Breakfast, 3rd Floor, Great Room
9:30am Startup Alley Demos
10:30am The Honorable Jeb Bush, Taped Remarks Panel: America's Technocrats: Conservatarians in Tech
12:00pm Luncheon, 3rd Floor, Great Room
12:30pm Keynote Speaker
1:00pm Keynote Panel
2:00pm Unconference - Startup Alley Demos and Hackathon Site Visits
2:00pm The State of Tech in Politics or Stifling Startups
3:30pm Is Big Data Ethical or Building A Bridge Between Tech and Policy
6:30pm Reception and Hackathon Presentations / 3rd Floor, Great Room
7:15pm Dinner
7:45pm Governor Scott Walker, taped remarks Panel: California: Dazed and Confused
10:00pm Lincoln Labs Reboot: Right On After Party
JULY 20th
10:00am Conference Wrap up, 3rd Floor, Great Room