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3 Tech Tips For Parents Of Young Children

Technology is a major part of most people’s lives these days – no matter their age. Whether old or young, chances are you have to use tech in some or most aspects of your life. If you’re the parent of young children, you probably struggle with how to introduce tech into their lives or wonder…


3 Tips For Helping Seniors With Technology

Whether you are a senior yourself or you are helping to care for one, or you would just like to help an older friend out, technology can be extremely difficult for seniors since it is not something they grew up using. It can be downright confusing and frustrating, yet nevertheless, it’s a reality in today’s…

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4 Tips for Hosting a Ping Pong Game

Ping Pong is so fun that it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to spend time with family and friends. Life isn’t the easiest for most people, from freight shipment unloading workers to college freshmen, and smashing a ball back and forth is a good way to let go of some stress. Whether it’s a casual…

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