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Lincoln Labs

Where Liberty and Technology Meet


To create and support a community of like-minded individuals who desire to advance liberty in the public square with the use of technology.


Aaron Ginn

Aaron used to work for Mitt Romney on growth.

Now he's a growth PM.

Aaron is an expert on user growth and has a passion for public policy and philosophy. He is a published academic and publicly debates philosophy and political issues. He worked on growth for Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign. Before that, he started a number of companies and worked in the healthcare finance industry.

Garrett Johnson

Garrett worked on the Hill, but now much prefers his life in Silicon Valley.

He's now a co-founder at SendHub.

Co-Founder of, a venture-backed startup based in Silicon Valley that is replacing antiquated land-line business phone systems with elegant, eco-friendly web and mobile apps. Served as professional staff to the Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where oversight portfolio included Afghanistan, Pakistan and Haiti. Originally from (Tampa) Florida, graduated in 2005 from Florida State University and was the 2006 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor Shot Put champion. Read for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford, England as a Rhodes Scholar.

Chris Abrams

Chris previously worked in Silicon Valley, but is now based in New York City.

He's Director of Engineering for Vanity Fair at Condé Nast.

Previously he rebuilt StumbleUpon and Delicious into single page apps. He's also helped many smaller campaigns develop their technical team.

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  • Garrett Johnson

  • Chris Abrams

What We Do


Be part of a national community with engineers, designers, product folks and politicos who believe in freedom.


Bring your hacking skills and freedom-advancing ideas to our 24hr hackathons and transform innovative concepts into functional solutions.


Be part of one of the largest gatherings of techies and politicos who believe in promoting liberty with technology.

Organizing for freedom and liberty

Community of individuals working collaboratively to promote liberty with technology. We are mapping and organizing doers across the country to build innovative solutions that impact campaigns, causes and the country.

Bridging the gap between policy and technology

The generational gap between the conservative political community and the technology community is vast. We are building the connection between policy makers and technology shakers to bring about informed and relevant policy.

Making an impact in the public square

We take action on problems and iterate our way to success. We will make an impact to protect our rights and advance individual liberty in the public square.

Lincoln Labs’ History

Out of the shellacking of 2012, we started LincolnLabs to reach a forgotten community that felt ostracized with no home. Though the media and the Beltway thought the technology community and Silicon Valley were solidly left, we thought differently. We were conservatarian living in Silicon Valley. If we are here, there has to be others!

First, we started with small events in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. We were amazed at the response. Our first events spread like wildfire in the technology community. Hundreds of techies and young professionals came out of the woodwork to connect and build a community. A few weeks later, we were hosting events all around the country to replicate the growing community in Silicon Valley.

In 2013, we reached thousands of people. We touched the east coast, west coast, and the midwest. In 2014, we are stepping up our game to reach more people and build a lasting community that will take action to solve America’s toughest problems through more efficient government, effective policies, and market-minded reforms