5th Degree Academy Targets World Record with “The Elevate Experience” Attendance

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5th Degree Academy Targets World Record with “The Elevate Experience” Attendance

Los Angeles, California(Hexa PR Wire–August 7, 2023)5th Degree Academy has scheduled its forthcoming learning event, “The Elevate Experience”, in which the academy aims to establish a new record for the highest number of attendees at a financial literacy occasion. The anticipated count stands at over 15,000 participants.

Event Details The Elevate Experience will occur from August 18 to August 19, 2023, delivered via live stream. A selection of respected guest speakers is expected to address the attendees.

Guest Speaker Information

Guest speakers, prominent in their fields, are scheduled to share insights on finance and personal growth. The list includes:

  • Eric Thomas, Ph.D.: Author, speaker, educator, pastor, and audible.com Audie Awards Finalist.
  • Cole Hatter: Founder of “Thrive – Make Money Matter” and guest teacher in 5th Degree.
  • Tim Storey: Co-founder of 5th Degree Academy.
  • Gloria M. Banks: Recognized at Mary Kay Cosmetics for her accomplishments.
  • Dave Meltzer: Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing.
  • David Williams: Co-founder of 5th Degree Academy.
  • Mark Lack: Expert on personal branding.
  • Danelle Delgado: International speaker and business consultant.
  • Scott Donnell: Founder of GravyStack.
  • Jim Kwik: Founder of Kwik Learning.
  • Paul Getter: Marketing expert.
  • Legacy Perez: Co-founder of Legacy Homevestments, LLC.


Objective of the Elevate Experience

Attendees can expect to:

  1. Educate: Attend various workshops and seminars centered on financial literacy for all age groups.
  2. Empower: Engage with financial experts to instill confidence in financial strategies.
  3. Engage: Network with peers to collectively enhance their financial understanding.

Ticketing information and additional event details can be found on the official Elevate Experience website.

About 5th Degree Academy 5th Degree Academy provides educational programs with a concentration on financial literacy, personal and professional development.

Purchase Tickets

Tickets are available now and registration for the Elevate Experience is absolutely free. For more details about the Elevate Experience and registration for this historic event, visit the official Elevate Experience Page.


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