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Lobbying for the Future

The United States economy is barely growing. The engine of economic growth, entrepreneurship, and new firm creation, has been declining for the past three decades. Today, we are the lobbyists for the future, advocating on behalf of start-ups that don't exist yet. We can grow the economy through unleashing the full forces of innovation across the economy. Here's how to foster permissionless innovation.

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About us

For as long as we can remember, technologists have thrown a Heisman (or perhaps another one-finger hand gesture) to the government. We get it. Government is clunky and slow and boring. It’s where good ideas go to die. But here’s the thing: government isn’t going away. Public policy matters, and it matters a hell of a lot to innovators and entrepreneurs whose ideas are changing the world.

Lincoln Labs is the connecting hub for these two worlds. We think better communication will lead to more liberty-minded laws and regulations, a more efficient government and a freer society, which in turn makes it easier for innovators to innovate. So what exactly do we mean by liberty? Liberty means freedom, individuality, self-sufficiency. It means creativity, free will and latitude. Translation: it means government being less of a roadblock.

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