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where liberty and technology meet.

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Lincoln Labs Conference 2014: Reboot

July 18- 20

San Francisco, California

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What we do


Be part of a national community with engineers, designers, product folks and politicos who believe in freedom.


Bring your hacking skills and freedom-advancing ideas to our 24hr hackathons and transform innovative concepts into functional solutions.


Be part of one of the largest gatherings of techies and politicos who believe in promoting liberty with technology.

Organizing for freedom and liberty

Community of individuals working collaboratively to promote liberty with technology. We are mapping and organizing doers across the country to build innovative solutions that impact campaigns, causes and the country.

Bridging the gap between policy and technology

The generational gap between the conservative political community and the technology community is vast. We are building the connection between policy makers and technology shakers to bring about informed and relevant policy.

Making an impact in the public square

We take action on problems and iterate our way to success. We will make an impact to protect our rights and advance individual liberty in the public square.